This Means War

We find ourselves in interesting times politically. In my humble opinion, we might be on the brink of a Civil War, but I don’t want to alarm people. One thing is for sure, we are already at war. There is a war for your mind. The media is fighting hard, schools are brainwashing children, and the common populace is so confused it’s maddening. For a more in-depth analysis, read Wanna Play Football? or Was Apostle Paul an Assassin or a Monk? This will lay the groundwork for the this post.

In every war, there is Defense and Offense. There is also the Loyalists and the Rebels. In case you were wondering, I come from a long Rebel heritage. In fact, I am a Son of the Revolution. I had great great great grandfather named George Washington Wagenseller BEFORE the Revolutionary War started. The picture you see is the plot of land outside Philadelphia where it all went down. The Washingtons and the Wagensellers sat across from each other at the table or porch, or in a circle in the front yard, shared a blunt, some moonshine, and Washington said, “Fuck it! Let’s go to war with England.” And my crazy family said, “Hell yeah. What do you need?” We quickly became a beacon in the Underground Railroad. We moved troops, weapons, food, intel, and also setup a hospital for the wounded.

I share all this to tell you, that I have seen a new war frontier. This one involves oil, but not the liquid gold that comes from the pump-jacks. Instead, this oil comes from a plant. Specifically, the hemp and cannabis plants. I have actually become convinced that remaining ignorant or taking a Prohibitionist stance on the subject makes you a Loyalist. Worse, if you are a Christian, I believe you are actually walking in sin. You are denying cancer patients the one thing that could actually save them. You are sentencing young epileptic kids to a life of hardship, brain damage, even death. You are denying veterans and others with PTSD a reasonable cure for their ailment. You are propping up a system that perpetuates misinfomation and death through alcohol and opiates.

It’s not too late to change sides. To use Matrix terms, it’s time to unplug. Take the Red Pill and come with me to Wonderland to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Some will take the Blue Pill, but those are the Loyalists. They don’t want to be inconvenienced with Truth. It all starts by educating yourself on cannabis, and by making a conscience effort to get to know people that think differently from yourself. I would be happy if my family and friends heard and believed my story. I am a medical refugee, but I did not move, instead I chose the Red Pill. I don’t regret it. Know that we are coming for you, and your mind. We want to free you of this bi-partisan political b.s., the banking cartels, the corrupt media, and we want to see you happy and free. It may come at a cost, but I have signed my name on the dotted line to die for my country. I haven’t had that chance, yet, and “I AM NOT AFRAID!” — Morpheus from the Matrix

Wagen, over and out.