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Something alot of people don’t know — you can legally ingest hemp without any restrictions. It’s not the same as cannabis, but it’s genetically similar, including having CBD in it. It can be taken by a dropper under the tongue, vaping, or even through lotions. It has no THC, so there is no risk of getting intoxicated, but you get most of the benefits of using cannabis. For instance, I have been using it, and I am using it now, actually. I have seen my hunger subside due to blood sugars being in check. I have seen relief from pain. I have watched anxieties, especially social anxieties, melt away. This stuff is real, really legal, and it works. Don’t worry, when cannabis becomes legal, I will use that, because I believe the benefits to be better all the way around, but this will hold me over in the meantime.

Many people hear about hemp oil and get confused by SB 339 — Texas’ Compassionate Use Act, which officially legalized CBD oil. First, SB 339 has not even taken effect, yet. Second, it highlights the need for a prescription in order to access low-THC cannabis. Third, hemp oil can be purchased legally without a prescription. Take a journey with me. Open up your web browser and go to Amazon. Type in “hemp oil” and notice that you see results. Type in “hemp oil for vaping” and notice that there are various flavors and companies represented. Still not convinced? Type in something legal, but only available through prescription. I typed in “Vicodin” and sure enough, I can’t buy Vicodin from Amazon. Rats! Now try something that is not narcotic. I am on Lamotragine for Bi-Polar disorder. Type that in Amazon. You still can’t buy it. However, you can buy hemp oil for consumption or use. This is because it is perfectly legal, and looked upon like a dietary supplement.

Now that I have directed you to the low prices of Amazon’s hemp oil, I want to encourage you to buy from Honey B. There are a few reasons for this: 1. I know these guys personally, and they are amazing. 2. They get their product from flower rather than stock. 3. The purity is unprecedented. If you hold a bottle of theirs next to an impostor, theirs looks like liquid gold, because it is. You can get tincures, which is a hemp oil that is taken under the tongue via dropper. They also have three flavors of vaping oil: peppermint, cinnamon, and citrus. I have tried all three, and my favorite is probably citrus. What’s even better, is they ship everywhere!  Check out their website Honey B Healthy Living. Give Ryan Beckley a call at 214-534-1060. Tell him KC sent you. He will get you setup nicely. If he doesn’t answer after a few tries, give me a call at 805-796-7477 and I will put pressure on him. I have become a believer in this stuff, and I am hoping you do, too!


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