Rand Paul 2016!

The current social and political state of the United States is troubling. Greed, corruption, and a general disregard for personal freedoms has swept through the nation over the last 100 years, but the bulk of it has been pushed through in the last 30 years. Historians young and old are taking a stand and saying, “ENOUGH!” It’s not enough to simply be upset, we have to take action. This action starts by voting your conscience and by promoting good candidates. That’s exactly what I am doing here today.

When I talk to various people about Rand Paul (I am a sort of Pauline evangelist), the comments and reactions are overwhelmingly positive. The problem: people believe the media and they say, “He will never win, though, so we might as well vote for someone else.” This attitude is exactly the attitude that the mainstream media wants you to have. As of now, Paul has not dropped out of the race. I know this because I am one of the individuals that is signed up to received his daily email. Today, he advocated cutting financial ties with Pakistan. Not only would that save us a ton of money, it would stop funding terrorism, and force a nation that is hostile to American and Christianity to think twice about how it spends its resources.

These are excellent policies, and I am saddened that they seem so radical to so many people. Since when did taking care of Americans become a radical idea? We have been at war since I was born, and it has gotten us nowhere. It’s time to bring the troops home, use our resources for DEFENSE, and make American free again. In essence, vote your conscience in political matters. Don’t buy into the media’s game of checkers, this will continue our suffrage as pawns in their corrupt machine.

One of the things that I believe Paul has erred: I believe he should have run as a 3rd party candidate. When he chose to side with Republicans, he hurt his chances of winning. Again, I am voting and/or writing in Rand Paul on the March 1st primary, but I hope he sees that the GOP wants nothing to do with his Libertarian philosophies, and responds in kind. No offense to Matthew Poston or Jeff LeBlanc, which are both excellent gentleman. To be balanced, I think the GOP has made some excellent strides, especially at the county levels. A new wave of anger and freedom is sweeping this nation, as people wake up to the reality of International Banking Cartels, Oppressive Drug Policies, Private Prison Systems, and Crony Capitalism.

Make no mistake, though, I think we need a complete political overhaul. I don’t see much hope coming from either side of our current two party system. It’s time for a whole new regime. We need a 3rd option. I think that 3rd option started with Ron Paul, and I think Rand Paul continues to wave the flag of our truly Constitutional democratic republic. How fitting would it be for a Texan to stand up to the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve? I have heard it said, “Texas can live without the United States, but the United States can’t live without Texas.” It’s time for Texans to “grow a pair” and be the leaders that we were called to be, by birth and by culture. We are abunch of roughnecks raised on oil, it’s time to act like it. Vote your conscience, take a stand, take action. I know I am. Who’s with me?