Coffee, Wine, and Cannabis

There are many things in life that I find delightful. As far as consumables go, coffee, wine, and cannabis quickly stand out above the rest (Ok, I like many different types of alcohol, but I digress). Each of these substances has its own controversy, except for coffee, which is why it is first on the list. If you consider yourself a prohibitionist, but have nothing against caffeine, then you are a hypocrite. If you are cool with caffeine and alcohol, but dislike cannabis…or believe the lies and propaganda…then you are also a hypocrite. I am cool and consume all three. I used to hide this fact from strangers, family and friends, but I have decided, “no more.” Below, I will parse out some basic logic regarding why I believe certain persons to be hypocrites regarding the subject of prohibition.

Coffee originated in Ethiopia. Goat farmers noticed that the goats liked the beans, and perceived a slightly altered mood after consumption, particularly, more energy. Myself, I am fond of Columbian coffee’s nutty and bold flavor. For those that are wondering, I order all my coffee from Brazuka Coffee in Ventura, California. My wife and I met the owners of this awesome family-run business while living in Simi Valley, California. Coffee and I have gone through our ups and downs. I remember drinking about a gallon a day for several years, and the doctors were like, “Woah. You better chill out on that.” Now, I limit myself to one cup during breakfast, and usually one cup between lunch and supper. Sometimes I substitute tea, which is more gentle on my stomach. Either way, caffeine is the most widely used and abused psychoactive substance. Luckily, there are no laws restricting its usage, and when consumed in appropriate amounts, is very safe. Mormons will refrain from drinking anything with caffeine because they understand the link between consumption and addiction. The rest of us ignore these facts, or choose to disregard them in our worldview.

Now we move to wine! Wine is absolutely amazing. I didn’t really drink wine until I lived in California and toured Solvang, Paso Robles, Sonoma, and Napa — Solvang on multiple occasions. These are definitely “bucket list” experiences, and I highly recommend for anyone that is even slightly interested. We often would get a tour of the vineyards (which are fully operational farms) and then do several flights of their wines, sometimes paired with foods. It’s exquisite! I know many people that are total alcohol abolitionists. I was raised in a Southern Baptist home, so I certainly understand this point of view, even if I believe it to be logically flawed, especially if they do not have a problem with caffeine. There are not many laws restricting the use of wine, but there are laws restricting the manufacturing of distilled liquor, and there continue to be many laws regarding the when, were, why, and how regarding the sale of alcohol — including special permits and cordoned hours. In short, if you find yourself saying “yes” to alcohol and coffee, but “no” to cannabis, please keep reading.

What is there to say about the delightfully amazing, God-given treat that is cannabis? Alot. In fact, there are many books written on the subject, but I will try to stay concise on this blog. Fact: cannabis is an intoxicating substance. Anyone who argues otherwise is fighting their own bias. Unlike alcohol, it is not normally physically intoxicating, but it is mentally intoxicating, often allowing the brain to connect dots that were not previously possible. Many doctors believe that this leads to various mental illnesses, but I really believe it is a chicken and egg argument. Do people become schizophrenic, bi-polar, or develop other illnesses because they consume cannabis? Or do they consume cannabis because of the mental illnesses? If you are scratching your head, then you know what I mean. I think the case for cannabis is clearest when talking about PTSD, which can begin after several different traumatic / semi-traumatic life experiences. As a veteran, I can vouch that cannabis has helped my physical pain and various mental disorders, including PTSD. There is also a track record for cannabis helping with diabetes, anxiety, cancer and seizures. These medical facts should not be ignored.

Cannabis is safer than alcohol and caffeine, yet it continues to be illegal in many states, and totally illegal at the federal level. There is a reason that a strong grassroots movement is sweeping the nation; there is a generation that grew up consuming cannabis like it was normal, and now, we are ready for it to be certifiably normal via legalization. There have been many injustices due to the “War on Drugs.” Don’t get me started on private prisons and cartel violence. However, I encourage you to look up more on cannabis or “marijuana” with an open mind. You might be shocked to find that you have been lied to. Cannabis is not addictive for most individuals, and there is no known dosage that would result in death. Usually, an “overdose” results in paranoia and/or the “munchies.” In short, it is one of the safest consumables on the planet, and can grow in almost any climate, and be used for many purposes…including clothing, paper, fuel, and medicine…just to name a few. I only write this article to bring awareness. It’s up to you what to do with the information. You can remain ignorant/biased, or open your mind to the possibility that the federal government doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Join the youth in accepting cannabis for what it is, a non-toxic plant.