[Social] Networking is Just Binary Math

What is binary? It is a math founded in the base of 2, meaning that everything is somehow derivative of a number to the 2nd power. This is represented by a “1” or a “0.” While studying computer networking in college, I had to learn this form of math because it is how computers communicate with one another. There either is an electrical signal (“1”) or there isn’t an electrical signal (“0”). The computers communicate back and forth using these electrical signals as a sort of Morse code. In short, if there was a breakdown in the ability for one computer to send traffic to another, or if the traffic got scrambled, there were protocols in place to account for such communication blunders.

What does this have to do with Social Networking? I am glad you asked! Whether online or in real life, networking with people is just binary math. Either they want to be your friend, or they don’t. They want to help you, or they don’t. They want to collaborate / work together, or they don’t. This may seem oversimplified, but in my past I have struggled with who to trust and how far to trust them. Some people are just liars and manipulators, but they eventually are found out. When you find honest, hard-working, intelligent, collaborative people, you need to keep them on your team and/or in your life. Don’t take them for granted. They are the change agents that will bring a lasting impact to your life, family, or occupation.

So, as you meet new people and “mingle further” in the tides of digital media or reality, keep in mind that social networking is just binary math. A simple “yes” or “no.” If they mean “not yet,” then use your best judgement. As for me, I am not wasting anymore of my time on people that are not sure if investing in me is worth it. But I encourage you to make your own choices, find your own path…just don’t forget that it’s all binary!

Wagen, over and out.