Teaching Kids Gardening in School

Am I the only one that wonders what will happen during a Zombie Apocalypse?

I try to stay physically and mentally prepared for the worst scenario possible, but this American living has made me soft, in more ways than one. While on vacation this last week, I found out that some of the schools in my county (Liberty County, Houston, Texas) are teaching a program called, “Learn, Grow, Eat & Go.” This program teaches young kids how to garden, how to eat the food, and why it is good for them. No such program existed during any of my schooling, and I can openly admit that I am saddened by this.

The truth is, I still don’t know how to garden. Luckily, because I have done my time as a warrior, I could do my best to protect our commune should disaster strike, but that doesn’t sound like a job with much opportunity for advancement or one with an excellent quality of life. After all, I have left the ways of war, and become a monk (Was Apostle Paul and Assassin or Monk?). So, maybe I should learn how to garden.

There are many benefits to gardening. First, knowing how to grow food is a highly sustainable idea. Not just sustainable, but green. In addition to food, people could learn to grow medicine. This would truly be a trip! Finally, if every family, or every-other family, grew a garden, then that would be almost enough food to feed everybody. Oh, and I cannot forget that planting plants is also good for the environment and human beings, helping turn excess CO2 into breathable oxygen.

This priceless endeavor of helping kids create a sustainable earth is one of the best schooling ideas I have heard in a long time. I really hope that this program grabs roots, and grows like a wild weed, because this could potentially change the world. So, if you are reading this, support these programs by allowing your son or daughter to participate. Encourage them to grow a small garden at home, maybe get involved in helping with it. When you are eating fresh fruits, veggies, or using aloe for a burn, you can thank the school system!

Wagen, over and out.